The hunting of the wolf, multisensory workshops

By: Patricia Morales Betancourt

Everything was set for the continuation of our time playing and sharing with Yves the wolf. Coffee, herbal tea, and our go-to chocolate porridge were laid out for us to enjoy. Just as on every occasion, the aromas started to meld together…but this morning also brought the smell of freshly-baked summer squash cupcakes coming out of the kitchen.

Nine children, four moms and a grandma joined the two workshop artists. Everyone was assigned a task: cutting the pineapple, handing out the slices of ham, shredding the cheese and rolling out the dough, which would be stuffed. Then came the time to seal the bread balls, topping them with their artisan’s initials so that they could later claim their creation.

What they would witness next, is the natural process of fermentation. Before baking, the savory treats were brushed with egg wash.

On our way down to the kitchen, everyone was handed a cupcake that had been previously baked in-house. While the bread balls went into the oven, we cut out stencils in the shape of Mou Tou-tou, the farm’s most beloved sheep. She leaps across the clouds, counting from one to ten with the children so that they fall asleep.

Back in the art room, cupcakes in-hand, the children molded their own interpretation of Yves the wolf and stretched out a blanket of fondant for him atop the cupcake, before hiding him from the hunter inside their bellies!

Then came the time for the projection of a film: “The Arrival of the Hunter”.

The hunter was out to kill the wolf and the crocodile who were visiting the farm; and was ready to report Pascal, the Martian ovni-owner, to the police. Mou Tou-tou the sheep, Capitán the guard dog and Olimpo the chef piglet told the hunter of their newfound friendships, how fun it is to play with animals so different from themselves and of all the good it would do them to have these friends around the farm. Pascal the Martian then offered the hunter an extraterrestrial submarine to help sow high-quality seeds that would make him the most fortunate man in the world, just as long as he agreed to make peace with his legendary enemies: the crocodile and the wolf. The hunter understood that it would be a great business opportunity to care for the earth and to sow love seeds, so he accepted!

It was all true; the extraterrestrial submarine distributed seeds of love among the children so that they would learn to cultivate them. Pascal the Martian brought them flower pots made from recyclable cardboard, in which each child planted a sunflower seed.

To bring this time together to an end, led by our well-loved Esmeralda, they sang the song that has become an anthem of our workshops: “El Cocodrilo Nilo (Wild Crocodile)”.

We parted full of gladness, until the next time.


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